Students which are enrolled in certain courses gain access to some software free of charge. The two main student software programs are DreamSpark and VMWAP (VMware Academic Program).

What is it?

Both programs are essentially a licensing agreement allowing the “Academic” use of the respective software. The most beneficial part of the agreement is that it allows use at home for students and faculty alike, at no cost to an individual.

Access to the programs is determined by enrollment in specified courses. Students studying within the School of Design Communication and IT (DCIT) will have access based on enrollment in specific INFT and INFO courses. Course coordinators are the main point of contact for access if you are enrolled in these courses. Students enrolled in subjects outside of the DCIT school are not eligible for access to the site.

Please be aware that obtaining software under the agreement is a privilege and access will be withdrawn if the is suspicion that there is a breach of either EULA. Please be aware of the terms of both the DreamSpark and the VMWAP. ALL USE IS BOUND BY THESE AGREEMENTS.

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